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Sky (Italy)

Emagine Content (US)

Atomic Monster (US)

Rebel Star (Italy)

Silverfox Entertainment (US)

Rising Films (Italy)

RAI (Italy)

IDM S├╝dtirol (Italy)

Explorer Channel (Italy)

Ameno (Italy)

Lombardia Film Commission (Italy)

JCG Bits Productions (Italy/AUS)

LNDC (Italy)

Sirio Studios (Italy)

ChiaraMilla (Italy)

What people say?

"Dynamicity and a clear vision of what the future of entertainment worldwide will be is what makes Newscapes an exciting reality to be working with."

What people say?

"Moving away from the old school systems and imposing a new, fresh and improved workflow and products characterized by young talents is what Newscapes does best, and we couldn't be happier to be working with them on this."

What people say?

"Take Hollywood and put it into the 99.9% of the rest of the world. A generation inspired by the golden years of american cinema is now ready to bring its legacy into their own countries smashing down the borders of Hollywood-style productions, something Newscapes has been a pioneer of for many years now."