In partnership with Lega Nazionale per la Difesa del Cane, Newscapes Entertainment presents
"Life of a Street Dog".

The real story of Angelo, an innocent stray dog brutally killed in june 2016 by four young men in southern Italy, whose vicissitude set the debate for animals' rights on fire in the country. A film to teach respect for life, and to remember and honor all the victims of the worse part of humankind.

Directed by: Andrea Dalfino

Produced by: Piera Rosati

Premiere: 28th October 2018

Link: IMDb - Watch Now

We'll show you the world through the eyes of a stray dog, immersed in its simple joys and the constant sense of not belonging.
We'll show you the great dignity with which a simple creature faces a life of hardship, but also a terrible and unjustified death.